punctï ("pronounced punk-tie") is a monthly collaborative experimental project where I invite artists to produce an album with me. I consider each album an etude into sound manipulation, as well as into interpersonal and intimate interaction. Composition, recording, and overdubbing are done in a single session. Post-production is done in another session, roughly the same length of time as the first. The album covers feature childhood photos of the collaborating artists; this project is all about reclaiming that childhood joy and wonder, without all the learned insecurity. When performing punctï, I channel a disenchanted office worker in an absurdist satire whose movements trigger (and are choreographed to) samples, stems, and full tracks from her discography. For booking and other inquiries: punctimusic at

For Beetle Talk, Kyle Crough and I got attached to two samples early on: the first, "Beetle Talk", and the second, "Surprised Bee". You'll hear them throughout the album. Don't worry, you won't miss them. Kyle Crough is an incredibly talented individual; every time I mention a new thing I learned to him, he's already been doing it for ages. In short, he's a pro. Plus, he's HILARIOUS! So we did most of this straight up on my laptop, through laptop speakers. The synths, the samples, all from my Ableton library. We did a second session, which is not usual to this project, but it was worth it - Kyle laid down some tasty bass tracks in record time! Like in 4 minutes, folks! Plus, we got to lay down vocals and some serious theremin takes (new toy, sup ;] ). Enjoy, dear listeners, and don't forget to brush your teeth! Here is Beetle Talk! Featuring the undeniable prowess and creative fun of Kyle Crough Sunglaciers released December 31, 2019 Thank you to Kyle, Nyssa, and Saka

There's a certain spark, that shared between souls that transcends the mortal/finite understanding of time and space. Yonnika is an old soul, coming back again and again to ignite joy and wonder. They pull back the shroud of the banal to reveal a life full of opportunity and promise. And their voice just kills me, it's so beautiful! During our 3 hour session, we discussed many things: the fear of caring, and how it can mask ourselves to ourselves; who gets recognized; originality is dead (age-old hot topic); repetitive coercive truth, similar I gather to confirmation bias; our ability to decide what is true; and the Bayesian brain, a hypothesis which argues that there is a deep hidden structure behind our behavior, the roots of which reach far back into the very nature of life. Join us, dear listener, and dip your toe into the endless ocean that resides in Yonnika's brain. Featuring the infinite being that is Yonnika Vernon. Released November 25, 2019

This month has been busy and transient, like a good October should be. Life is a consistent rollercoaster that challenges us to be better or get left behind by our dreams. Join me in finding balance: eat a stuffed crust pizza and work out. Drink copious amounts of coffee AND water. Remember to tell your friends you love them, and don't you dare forget to look yourself in the eyes everyday and say it to yourself. Tease it out, baby. Released October 31, 2019

Felicia Lush, AKA Alicia Hush and half of the vibrant force that is HushLamb, is an incredible producer, performer, and human. She shines so bright, it almost blinds me, but instead I got to bask in her presence and creativity for a whole afternoon! Together, and without syncing, we both jammed out hard on the PO-33 and PO-12, using the effects built in because they're actually really good! I then got her to rip a bunch of her own sample work on top, which really makes for a perfect atmosphere. Get lost with us in Bob Ross' landscapes, dear listener, with Let Zygons Be Zygons. Featuring the creative mastermindery and hilarity of Felicia Lush Released July 29 2019 Let Zygons Be Zygons ft. Felicia Lush

Greg Debicki, AKA Woulg, is an unbelievably talented individual who has gained more knowledge in 31 years than I thought was humanly capable, and yet he's also still hilarious and truly genuine human who opens his heart and soul to others. Whether through teaching Ableton Live, FL Studios, Max MSP to others, designing lights, devices and complex visuals, programming shit I barely understand but am completely in awe of, and then on top of that learning a bunch of new fun stuff all the time, he somehow still finds time to perform all over the world. His music is mostly Glitch, although he never pigeon holes his talents into just one genre, and for us to do this pretty acoustic album together was extremely satisfying. Our journey is lead by an at times erratic percussive guide, who nods in recognition to the keyboard, midi harmonies, and bass tones. Narrated by two unreliable tourists, we take a trip down many brick lanes, some covered with nostaligic bubble gum and puca shells. Recorded on June 26, 2019, Greg's 31st birthday, at Studio Banane Geante, I give to you, dear listeners, Oh To Be 28. released June 29, 2019 With the perfect god, Greg Debicki June 2019 Oh, To Be 28