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Growing up in Calgary, it's a weird atmosphere, and makes for some insanely talented weirdos, especially as they develop and grow their practice. One of my favourite shows in Calgary featured Jevon screaming overtop of acoustic guitar, in the middle of a bill featuring four different genres. He definitely stole the show that night, and continues to do so now, in Montreal and abroad. Yao Guai Cave, aka Jevon Voon, is an unbelievably talented artist. He appeals to infinite tastes while somehow preserving and developing the Yao Guai Cave sound. His care and precision in production is both intimidating and inspiring, which in my humble opinion is the best kind of art. Take A Chance, You're Capable is an etude into production processes - watching and exchanging tracks with Jevon showed me so many things that I have yet to learn. Maybe I impressed him somehow too, here's hoping ;). We both processed the MIDI track for "Whatcha Waiting For", enjoy both versions! Between making ridiculously good tracks, Yao Guai Cave also does mixes on So does Katie Lee, a previous puncti collaborator, as EEJUNGMI. Damn, is lucky to broadcast their talent, and I'm super lucky to know and have collaborated with both of them. with Yao Guai Cave September 2018 Take A Chance, You're Capable

When I first asked Angad to do an album with me, he told me he wasn't a musician, which for puncti is kind of a plus; no tricks or learned go-tos to challenge, instead, a listener, forced to make music. He released one track through soundcloud a long time ago, and which he plagiarized, renamed and posted as his own. It got taken down, but I'd say Angad was just a little early for the party. He is kindhearted, funny, and extremely interesting, combined with a healthy amount of humility - through the inbox of, meet Angad Sharma. August 2018

I first felt Anna Mayberry(ANAMAI, HSY) as an intangible force projecting through and beyond HSY. She punctured me, but wouldn't let me go, and i wanted more, more, more! puncti is the singular of punctum, a Latin word which by and through Roland Barthes' definition, is something in a piece of art (he uses photography) that punctures our inner selves and holds us there, waiting, captivated, our emotional and subconscious states delightfully anticipatory. This project is dedicated to experimentation to find, create, and explore that feeling. "Blood On The Diving Board" features Anna exploring a borrowed synth, and emotionally shredding on a Wurlizter. Meanwhile, I'm focusing on making creepy sounds with my voice, pocket operating, and basking in Anna shredding. In the post production process we created these beautifully ethereal and hypnotic eight tracks. Enjoy, dear listener. featuring the consonant force of ANAMAI July 2018 Blood On The Diving Board

Choice puncti picks for your enjoyment! 16 albums can seem like a daunting endeavor to pick out of, so I chose one favourite from each release and put them together on a convenient 16 track album. The final track, featuring Peter Pomerantsev's Granta article, "Why We're Post-Fact" was recorded in the concrete pedestrian tunnels in NW Calgary, AB. June 2018 Sweet, Sweet Sixteen

Katie Lee (Saccharine) is a ridiculously talented individual who is currently pursuing a career in architecture. If you haven't met her already, look out for her, because she is brilliant, concise, and (I feel) super important for a brighter future. Her skills are numerous, and since I only eliminated one (no keyboard) during our session, her other talents and acute ear really make this album glimmer. Quainze is a study in layers and related scales. Guitar over bass over bass over guitar, chorused and ping ponged, Quainze strums us into a meditative state, creeping up and down the circular spiral staircase of our psyches. Timing is always to be messed with by Puncti, but Katie ensures a solid pulse throughout the 4 tracks. Dancing with us on top of everything are earworm melodies and borg references to The Knife. We end surfing twisty tubes into the sunset. With the complex genius of Katie Lee May 2018 Quainze

With his autoharp and sampler, and I with my pocket operator and monotribe, Andrew and I found out the music we were to make together: a tad medieval, a little scary (according to andrew) and definitely experimental, we bring to you, dear listener, Quartz Hour Shining Sphere. This album is all about atmosphere and texture: we bring together the sounds of 1896 with the sounds of 2016, and travel to a new place and time where electronic impulses traverse a strange dark island whose inhabitants, mourning the loss of their disco ball, ask blessings from a mysterious soft skull. With the complex genius of Andrew McConnell April 2018 Quartz Hour Shining Sphere

Greg Debicki, aka Woulg, is a powerhouse of ingenuity, skill, and experimentation. His work challenges and pushes the edges of what is already perceived as impossible, but without sacrificing his own undeniable and irresistible groove. His sample and plug-in choices (including all the devices he has made and you can get on his bandcamp!) are very precise, but unexpected and extremely poignant in his sound. Woulg is gonna take over the world! "equivalent to the sum of six and seven; one more than twelve, or seven less than twenty" is a multi-faceted study in interlocking time signatures and ciphers. March 2018 equivalent to the sum of six and seven one more than twelve or seven less than twenty

Finally, opening the balcony door to my studio isn't painful, it's nice!! As Ora does what she calls 'turkey singing', I provide an ambient, albeit ominous, landscape for her turkey to explore. Claiming she doesn't play violin well, Ora proves herself wrong, extracting opalescent wails from her violin. Together, we harmonize our sighs, moans, cries of sadness still lingering from the darkness that is February in Montreal. Together, we find a comfortable place within this bitter nostalgia, making sure to remind ourselves and you, dear listener, to laugh in the face of fear! To laugh in the face of anxiety! To laugh in the face of a music scene where the musicians know the least about what's going on! To laugh in the face of pre-apocalyptic late capitalism! And while you're laughing, record it, reverse it, paulstretch it, warp it, heck, try a resonator (my fav is berlin) and see if it still resonates with you. Featuring the musical and post-production prowess of Ora Cogan February 2018 twelfe