OUT EVERYWHERE FEB 1 Inspector Knife is a series of nights out and the days after spent walking home. It spoons you when you're sleeping, but will leave before you're awake. The tracks act as a viscous fluid, disobeying expectations to give you a newfound smoothness. "Veered" accompanies you to a laundromat and listens to you complain about change. "Just 2 Feel It" reminds you to curb your judgements and let your feelings go. "ILOVEYOU" tackles lust into the alleyway and gives it a piece of my mind. "Old Alien" is a porn version of jeeper's creepers scored by prodigy. The last track, "I've Been", is a confession, and through confessing, a letting go. To sum it up? Think polyamory meets polyrhythms in a dive bar while The Knife and Todd Terje take turns circuit bending the jukebox. all songs by lbardsley