On one of the last sunny sundays of 2017, I meet up with Claire Guimond, a quiet, poignant, brilliant, not-as-shy-as-before astrophysicist by day and musician by night. We stroll down to Parc Jeanne-Mance, specifically to its south-western corner, and I laugh because I had forgotten about tam-tams AND sunday families at the park. Our instruments, (vertical pipe xylophones) are located within a small child playground, and their smaller counterparts (vertical regular xylophone) adjacent, in a smaller-small child playground. The children ended up doing half of our melodies, and trying to make it clear to the parents that I was recording their families, we wholly embraced this inter-generational collaboration. After exploring fence creaks, we allowed the children to enjoy the public instruments unfettered and take a walk through tam-tams. By the LARPers, we smoke and watch a guy taking a picture of a guy taking a picture. The children and adults fight squarely, with finesse and very little hesitation. Everyone seems compassionate to each other. Also, most of their gear looks pretty authentic from a distance. featuring the wonderful genius of claire guimond October 2017