Finally, opening the balcony door to my studio isn't painful, it's nice!! As Ora does what she calls 'turkey singing', I provide an ambient, albeit ominous, landscape for her turkey to explore. Claiming she doesn't play violin well, Ora proves herself wrong, extracting opalescent wails from her violin. Together, we harmonize our sighs, moans, cries of sadness still lingering from the darkness that is February in Montreal. Together, we find a comfortable place within this bitter nostalgia, making sure to remind ourselves and you, dear listener, to laugh in the face of fear! To laugh in the face of anxiety! To laugh in the face of a music scene where the musicians know the least about what's going on! To laugh in the face of pre-apocalyptic late capitalism! And while you're laughing, record it, reverse it, paulstretch it, warp it, heck, try a resonator (my fav is berlin) and see if it still resonates with you. Featuring the musical and post-production prowess of Ora Cogan February 2018