Katie Lee (Saccharine) is a ridiculously talented individual who is currently pursuing a career in architecture. If you haven't met her already, look out for her, because she is brilliant, concise, and (I feel) super important for a brighter future. Her skills are numerous, and since I only eliminated one (no keyboard) during our session, her other talents and acute ear really make this album glimmer. Quainze is a study in layers and related scales. Guitar over bass over bass over guitar, chorused and ping ponged, Quainze strums us into a meditative state, creeping up and down the circular spiral staircase of our psyches. Timing is always to be messed with by Puncti, but Katie ensures a solid pulse throughout the 4 tracks. Dancing with us on top of everything are earworm melodies and borg references to The Knife. We end surfing twisty tubes into the sunset. With the complex genius of Katie Lee May 2018