Even in the glow of what poet Cason Sharpe once called "a shiny plastic toy on the highest shelf", and in the beneath clear skies, darkness can still find you and take hold, like a leech or itch that won't go away. Again, you avoid the light, and with each gain, a void grows to consume it. "Disavow" is an attempt at reasoning oneself out of the void, but the exit involves breaking into pieces. A grooving bassline riding subdued drums is over-voiced by a robotic delivery of poetry. Due to semiotic distortion, things fall apart. "2081", in it's original version, is set to a drum track of breaths and sighs guided by a haunting, very Cure-inspired bassline. The keyboard line brings the boat ride into Bowser's castle to mind, and tying the whole song together are slow, ghostly vocals. A GAIN/A VOID