I first felt Anna Mayberry(ANAMAI, HSY) as an intangible force projecting through and beyond HSY. She punctured me, but wouldn't let me go, and i wanted more, more, more! puncti is the singular of punctum, a Latin word which by and through Roland Barthes' definition, is something in a piece of art (he uses photography) that punctures our inner selves and holds us there, waiting, captivated, our emotional and subconscious states delightfully anticipatory. This project is dedicated to experimentation to find, create, and explore that feeling. "Blood On The Diving Board" features Anna exploring a borrowed synth, and emotionally shredding on a Wurlizter. Meanwhile, I'm focusing on making creepy sounds with my voice, pocket operating, and basking in Anna shredding. In the post production process we created these beautifully ethereal and hypnotic eight tracks. Enjoy, dear listener. featuring the consonant force of ANAMAI July 2018 Blood On The Diving Board