Recorded during a hazy 3 hour session on the day Canada legalized weed, Experimental Snacks is a groove oriented swirling freak dream, like Alice In Chains got a beatbox for Christmas. Dirty lofi riffs trudge overtop of industrial hifi beats, dragging our tattered nostaligia through the gutters like the cuffs of our ripped denim. This Banane Geante session implored minimalism in production and composition. As the twentieth album released by puncti, Experimental Snacks is a dressing down of the shit, to find within it a cathartic comfort. This is music you can get cozy and freaky with. Invite that new friend over for an autumnal experimental snack and chill. Featuring the hilarious ingenuity of Aoife Baldwin and Kenneth Gibson with Aoife Baldwin and Kenneth Gibson. October 2018 Experimental Snacks