At first, josh and I set up 'bi-neural' microphones (we didn't measure, imagine a 3x larger Hey Arnold head) and held notes for as long as we could. With the introduction of two metal mixing bowls, we swung them around our heads and slid between the microphones. We then took two piano takes separately, and put them together on top of our now -30% variation speed metal-bowl-chanting. Using a volca beats, we then added a last bit of suspense with the bass drum. Thus, Double was born. For Triple, we took all of the percussive instruments we could find from the Egg-Paper basement, and laid them all out in accessible locations within the confines of josh's tiny and cozy studio. Deciding on a beat, we then proceeded to tag-team playing baa-ba-ba with all the instruments, which lead to our surprise that we could have used double the amount of percussive instruments. Set to an inkling kick, it moves faster and faster, creating chaos within its polys: -rhythms and -phonics. Featuring the ever-exciting experimental prowess of Josh Boguski. Novemeber 2018 Double