Chris Hauer, aka Margret, is a super talented musician, mechanical engineer, and mathematics tutor. He has played in multiple bands in both Calgary, AB and Montreal, QC, and is always down to explore; whether that be genre, instrument, or new place on tour. Doing this etude with him was extremely fun, and (maybe embarassingly) the first time playing with synced synths! Using the KO-33 Pocket Operator, PO-12 Pocket Operator, and a Korg Monotribe, Chris and I explored the depths of 3 hours. We overdubbed vocals over the entire recording, making jokes and uncovering that Chris' hero is for some reason Martin Freeman. Mine might be Enceladus, which is one of the most reflective bodies in the solar system.'" In post, I cut up vocal tracks and played with a lot of shifting time signatures by layering a slightly shorter drum loop over another one. This is especially prevalent in "Variations On The Same". Enjoy dear listener! Featuring the technical and entertaining Chris Hauer. December 2018 Chrismas