The Super Blood Wolf Moon was in Leo, (and since I only pay attention to astrology when it has to do with Leos, cause y'know, Leos rite?) it seemed to hit me even harder. Using constraints is what this project is all about, yet this time I found it extra frustrating to devote the usual 8-10 hours to this etude. However, I got into it, and I really started to appreciate Figure, and all of the music production application that are FREE and out there! At this point 2.5 BILLION people (~36% of the world's population) use smartphones. Not to mention the tablets, laptops, and other crazy shit out there. I bought an NFC chip ring for $2! I digress slightly, but my point is that accessibility to creative production methods is only increasing, and it's just so fucking amazing! I fucking love art, and I fucking love free ways to make it! All instruments excluding voice made with Figure Application cover image shot by Aja Jane January 2019 Facsimile Simulation