At first, I was in awe of Kelsie Hjorleifson--she had barely started drumming and already had metronome precision, along with a budding art practice which produces very friendly and engaging pieces (I like her leather painting and use of astroturf the best). She joined forces with dearest Nyssa Brown, a previous puncti collaborator, and two other fiery ladies to produce Hag Face, a wonderfully grating beyond punk outfit (and one of my FAVOURITE bands). After their disbanding, Kelsie moved to Montreal, played in a lot of amazing bands, and just as she is moving away, I caught her for a session! We bring you, dear listener, "The World Of The Day Is Petrichor", a collection of syncopated moments between Kelsie and I, involving a beautiful Yamaha synth, my trusty Pocket Operators, and a delicious Volca Beats. Put this on, make a hot beverage and relax however you like as the petrichor of pre-spring-spring washes over you from the snow removal trucks. released February 28, 2019 featuring the intuitive and giggling Kelsie Hjorleifson February 2019 The Word Of The Day Is Petrichor