Sometimes things don't work out as planned, and to be honest, I always appreciate these times - it's like the universe decided to gift us a new opening, at times even a portal, into the coveted plane of free time and impulses. 25 And Still Alive is a much anticipated dive into my pocket operators, PO-12 and PO-33. Respectively a drum machine and a sampler, these tiny little buggers pack ridiculously large power. I synced the two together, which embarrassingly for puncti is still a new endeavour. The built in FX are sick, and using them simultaneously lead me down paths whose existence was previously clouded by my own narrow mindedness. Like dimensions, all of these paths simultaneously exist; puncti is a continous attempt to reveal these interlaced realities, and coerce the clouds away. The samples are free, lifted from the internet like all of our best jokes. I triggered them using my homemade midi controller, whose code is here Enjoy, dear listener! As always, love puncti pocket operator info March 2019 25 And Still Alive