February is definitely the hardest month in Montreal - everything is wet and cold, no one has any money, but to lighten our loads, there is always music to make together. Added to the Blue Odeur mix are Mackenzie Cruse (Crack Cloud), Laura Donohue (Mono No Aware), and Matteo Ciambella (Karneef). During a rehearsal, as we're free jamming on different instruments, I start recording. As Matteo tries out his new saxophone, Mackenzie and Laura flex their synth and vocal muscles. At times jazzy, at times funky, at times not unlike "Space Oddity" by Pavement, Contraband Jam's mood is playful, like clouds and buildings shadow-playing with the sun. As merchandise for the album, we thought kiwi jam with neither french or english on it a good candidate. "Outsource Resource" makes reference to Janna Jihad, whose reporting you can see here "Peacock Dialogue" and "Laughing Myself Across the Street" were made exclusively on a PS-77. CONTRABAND JAM