Seeing Mark play guitar is a form of entertainment within itself. Then, after you're already hooked in to whatever sonic carousel of broken mirrors he's playing, he starts singing, and a new portal of semiotic distortion opens up in your frontal lobe. It's hard to explain, as the best experiences in life are. On Overoccupied Apoidea, Mark and I explored an old autotune pedal and whammy pedal. For a moment, I almost understood why Bon Iver's EP was so popular. I broke out my lap steel guitar for this session; it and the cello made fast friends with the korg monotribe we used for percussion. Meanwhile, Mark continuously ripped on the cello through the whammy like it was an extension of himself. My Dad always said that the magic of music isn't in the instruments we're using -- they're just assembled parts that can be changed out. True artists are not limited by their tools. Whether you're waiting for the rice, jet lagged, or just plain living, Overoccupied Apoidea is right there with you. No matter how busy we bees get, I'm always down to hold hands. featuring the compositional poetics of Mark Grundy Thanks to Eliza Niemi for her cello April 2019 Overoccupied Apoidea