It sounds corny, but the most important part of doing making these albums is having ridiculous silly fun with people and getting to record it and share it with you, dear listener! Laura Donohue is a polymath, even though she sometimes denies her talents. She is a precise, yet flexible artist, and is always down to explore new techniques of performance, playing, and composition. Also, she's a phenomenal photographer, and has a BSc. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS THAT SHE IS THE ONLY GUITARIST EVER WHO DOESN'T PLAY TOO LOUD. Plus she's hilarious and has sick style. Truly, truly, an extraordinary and precious person. For May The Truck Be With You, Laura and I started off with a Casio PT-50 and Korg Monotribe; to introduce the album, we wanted to start off on a light hearted note musically as well as lyrically. Halfway through we hopped on Pocket Operators, and without syncing, we were N'sync. After our initial takes, we overdubbed vocals to create an undeniably catchy and fun 15 tracks. Take a break, smell some flowers, and join us at the Monster Truck Rally that is May The Truck Be With You. Featuring the polymath prowess of Laura Donohue May 2019 May The Truck Be With You