Greg Debicki, AKA Woulg, is an unbelievably talented individual who has gained more knowledge in 31 years than I thought was humanly capable, and yet he's also still hilarious and truly genuine human who opens his heart and soul to others. Whether through teaching Ableton Live, FL Studios, Max MSP to others, designing lights, devices and complex visuals, programming shit I barely understand but am completely in awe of, and then on top of that learning a bunch of new fun stuff all the time, he somehow still finds time to perform all over the world. His music is mostly Glitch, although he never pigeon holes his talents into just one genre, and for us to do this pretty acoustic album together was extremely satisfying. Our journey is lead by an at times erratic percussive guide, who nods in recognition to the keyboard, midi harmonies, and bass tones. Narrated by two unreliable tourists, we take a trip down many brick lanes, some covered with nostaligic bubble gum and puca shells. Recorded on June 26, 2019, Greg's 31st birthday, at Studio Banane Geante, I give to you, dear listeners, Oh To Be 28. released June 29, 2019 With the perfect god, Greg Debicki June 2019 Oh, To Be 28