There's a certain spark, that shared between souls that transcends the mortal/finite understanding of time and space. Yonnika is an old soul, coming back again and again to ignite joy and wonder. They pull back the shroud of the banal to reveal a life full of opportunity and promise. And their voice just kills me, it's so beautiful! During our 3 hour session, we discussed many things: the fear of caring, and how it can mask ourselves to ourselves; who gets recognized; originality is dead (age-old hot topic); repetitive coercive truth, similar I gather to confirmation bias; our ability to decide what is true; and the Bayesian brain, a hypothesis which argues that there is a deep hidden structure behind our behavior, the roots of which reach far back into the very nature of life. Join us, dear listener, and dip your toe into the endless ocean that resides in Yonnika's brain. Featuring the infinite being that is Yonnika Vernon. Released November 25, 2019