For Beetle Talk, Kyle Crough and I got attached to two samples early on: the first, "Beetle Talk", and the second, "Surprised Bee". You'll hear them throughout the album. Don't worry, you won't miss them. Kyle Crough is an incredibly talented individual; every time I mention a new thing I learned to him, he's already been doing it for ages. In short, he's a pro. Plus, he's HILARIOUS! So we did most of this straight up on my laptop, through laptop speakers. The synths, the samples, all from my Ableton library. We did a second session, which is not usual to this project, but it was worth it - Kyle laid down some tasty bass tracks in record time! Like in 4 minutes, folks! Plus, we got to lay down vocals and some serious theremin takes (new toy, sup ;] ). Enjoy, dear listeners, and don't forget to brush your teeth! Here is Beetle Talk! Featuring the undeniable prowess and creative fun of Kyle Crough Sunglaciers released December 31, 2019 Thank you to Kyle, Nyssa, and Saka