Pale Shelter is the brain child of lbardsley, written and recorded over the course of 6 months. After weeks of listening to Tears for Fears on repeat, this album comes as a continuation of capturing the struggles of confidence and control over oneself, but with the addition of other influences who also capture this, such as Weezer, New Fries, St. Vincent, Michael Jackson, and Feist. "Draft 2" opens the album with an intriguing story inspired by a dream guitarist Laura Donohue had, narrated by a voice all too familiar. "Indigo" and "Hunger" poke fun at the navigation and negotiation of female sexuality through a patriarchal and misogynist landscape. "2081", in reference to the opening line of "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut, is a cynical take on the future of the human race, of our further degredation into valuing 'image' and 'social credit' over honesty, compassion, and humanity. The last track, "Peacemeal" features David Kleiser playing a synth tone that 'makes me want to pass out' (c#). Leaving a complex and alluring taste in your mouth, Pale Shelter is a journey into the complex atmosphere of planet blue odeur. PALE SHELTER