36 starts with "I Fear Nothing At All", dejected fear padded by pads. The album then pans through your skull with "Across The Spectrum", confusing you like a potential diamond--is it beautiful? Is it worthless? Does it matter? "A Play In Three Acts" guides the listener to an anxious dance party whose melancholy hangs in the air with the strings. A shattered synth breaks through, but turns in confusion as the final spin kick is delivered. "I Thought It Was Anger, But In Retrospect The Heartbeat Was Irregular" is an experiment into shifting BPM-- it alternates between 120 and 128 bpm throughout the entire track. A persistent ticking is represented by the arpeggiated pop synth -- things are going well, so why aren't you on edge? O, to be calm! puncti started partly due to a weird date where I bought someone flowers on valentine's day but their goal was friendship. This year, coincidentally 3 years exactly after starting this project, I did the same thing, and again was misguided. It's interesting how you repeat patterns in your life. I will never stop giving flowers to my crushes on valentine's day, and I hope you don't, either. Just remember to buy yourself some flowers while you're at it ;) released February 29, 2020