Hello Dear Listeners! This month's collaborator is the EXTREMELY talented Nick Dourado. He's done everything you wish you have, and Nick's only getting started - seriously. When I first met him, (after somehow we both went to BCHS AND UofC around the same time but never hung out cause wtf past me hah) Nick ignited a spark that flounders inside of me, and at that time was at risk of going out. Nick Dourado is the most powerful, intelligent, kind, hillarious, and delightfully complex person you'll ever have the honor of meeting. a note from the polymath superhero: ehhhh sup im nick dont u kno maybe u seen me before maybe u thought u saw me literally idk nothing about u so maybe just keep it all to urself wait how did u get here to this punctii album ask urself maybe u saw me break w the egg of the century or maybe with B.Glenn or as five yokel slide country thems maybe with halifax hip hop d'angelo or maybe smashing on drums w mr special or like in the eddy damn i cant even remember what else lots more did some honking maybe u kno that no honkin on this here mix tho just two weird beauties with perfect features who went to highschool together (S/O pat doyle) now like some 15 years later doing something else but this time vibration i hope u stfu and turn it up and let it ruin all the glass in ur house but laura mastered it so maybe the glass is safe this time idk if u want to check turn it the fuck up sux it peace im gay thanks nick! ALSO BUDI AMAZING TUNES credits released June 30, 2020 nick - did piano and then mostly ipad dj lol but it's true did you know that i love you?