blue odeur's Bleu Ray is their first studio album and first LP, recorded by Raf McMahan at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall in Montreal, QC. Filled with feminist lyrics, soft synths, hard guitars, smooth bass hooks and sharp percussion, Bleu Ray is an extremely satisfying bounce added to the flux of emotion and determination. Featuring an undeniably dancey and upbeat revisiting of "R.E.S.P.E.C.T.", it flows, resolving itself with its lyrical content. A perfect lead-in to "Rose-Tint My Girl", a track which according to ridethetempo "starts out with a deliberate pace, but before long it turns into...well, mayhem. Frank Zappa would be proud." The mood smoothes out between the Suspects and traverses holographic territory by "Regular Melon", landing on the ever-morphing surface of planet blue odeur. A marching band harkens your arrival, dear listener, and guides you into the party. BLEU RAY