sharks in pullover hoodies catcall from the steps eating peaches growing old from the bottom of their trousers searching searching continually for the flood whose waves send red crosses cluttering corners bearing no fruit, as everyone's roasting in their cigarette butts oh, to drown in white cup - excess zippers race torn sleeves and dreadlocks while fishnets run rampant several species grooving together in a house with a pict, including dragons who roar in translation unfurling three leaves from one tear (to long is to roast but with free water - refills to entomb another plant) tibetan prayer flags trail to foriegn colors, fragrances, patterns and tones, trails weaving in like grass through hair follicles perserved in waxy vinyl scents out like buttery icing on red velvet but there's molly! there's sam! holding hands spreading their romance like pizza crust a relationship sour but forever tantilizing the trail stalks happy couple, who, stepping over windy faces, sip sake and miso soup like lover's spit i document in darkened theatre seats they embrace me like a cult following licking my contours like an old friend