i / it would be so depressing to pinpoint the moment your life turned from something that happens into a monotonous routine of waiting around to die ... the best part of my reality is when time and i take turns playing hooky - and what is balance but delightful harmony at the intersection of minute points? ... there is lapis lazuli blue in the sky again what a calm, nice colour, friendly and unassuming ... dandruff is a nice hue and very soft, like soapstone scalpstone! i am a walking, interactive plinth ... xchan on entrance he heralds "what's up bitches!" follows with an exuberant "I hate faggots!" and a story of his father and aunt fist fighting over nothing so naturally i ask if this tendency to jump to aggressive conclusions runs in his family "I didn't come here for a fucking psychiatrist, you bitch! you're nothing but a nice ass, a nice rack and a nice face." i've always liked cursing and yelling in the right context, like metal or rap or kicking a very reasonably priced weed dealer out of a bar on a sunday night in february ... busy city why do we see these simple yet crafty and very fast creatures as vermin? we are comrades in this reality, and pose a greater threat to them than mice versa goodbye, and good luck i will infer from your silence that you wish me the same ... now there might be traces of aureolin unless bright is a colour too - when i cry, my armpits, they cry too