and you dissolving into kale chip dust grated emotion raw marked-up dehydrated lover pate fuck the soul and its mistrust of context but the chevaux-de-frise of branches now lay within reach of his arm, and the very appearance of precation it presented, as it announced the value of the effects it encircled, tempted his cupidity, and induced him to proceed through profundity round the bend of her nape looping around to tickle her tiny curls holding unkempt secrets like dusk "you know not what you want, other than results. is everything just an experiment to you?" i go to sleep and it's like waking life except when i kiss you i fall into another dream similar to the one i just had but with more social engagements "yes." "imagine a love so uninflected that instead of feeling jealousy at the thought of your beloved enjoying another, your love would overwhelm with precious joy that the beloved is being appreciated and loved platonically."