Blue Odeur is me, Montreal-based producer lbardsley. Angular electronic art-pop, Blue Odeur playfully turns genres on their head, combining and contrasting where I see fit. Refusing to settle for tedium, I embrace spontaneity, taking you by the collar and asking you to dance. In live performances, I captivate and charm, teasing out the syncopation of your inner erratic (im)pulses. ;) My new EP, Inspector Knife, is due just as you start to get really sick of winter.

February is definitely the hardest month in Montreal - everything is wet and cold, no one has any money, but to lighten our loads, there is always music to make together. Added to the Blue Odeur mix are Mackenzie Cruse (Crack Cloud), Laura Donohue (Mono No Aware), and Matteo Ciambella (Karneef). During a rehearsal, as we're free jamming on different instruments, I start recording. As Matteo tries out his new saxophone, Mackenzie and Laura flex their synth and vocal muscles. At times jazzy, at times funky, at times not unlike "Space Oddity" by Pavement, Contraband Jam's mood is playful, like clouds and buildings shadow-playing with the sun. As merchandise for the album, we thought kiwi jam with neither french or english on it a good candidate. "Outsource Resource" makes reference to Janna Jihad, whose reporting you can see here "Peacock Dialogue" and "Laughing Myself Across the Street" were made exclusively on a PS-77. CONTRABAND JAM

Even in the glow of what poet Cason Sharpe once called "a shiny plastic toy on the highest shelf", and in the beneath clear skies, darkness can still find you and take hold, like a leech or itch that won't go away. Again, you avoid the light, and with each gain, a void grows to consume it. "Disavow" is an attempt at reasoning oneself out of the void, but the exit involves breaking into pieces. A grooving bassline riding subdued drums is over-voiced by a robotic delivery of poetry. Due to semiotic distortion, things fall apart. "2081", in it's original version, is set to a drum track of breaths and sighs guided by a haunting, very Cure-inspired bassline. The keyboard line brings the boat ride into Bowser's castle to mind, and tying the whole song together are slow, ghostly vocals. A GAIN/A VOID

Tunnel Vision On Vacation I was recorded in concrete pedestrian tunnels in NW calgary on an android. TV.V/II was recorded in Georgia Lee's bunker in vancouver, featuring the ultimate haunting beauty that is the tone of her singing bowl. Even when travelling, I find it necessary to make music as a record: of the time, place, experiences, and equipment available; I am less interested in making "clean" and "professional" recordings as I am producing honest and genuine documentation. Recorded on the (free!) J4T 4 track app. TUNNEL VISION ON VACATION

After reading about David Bowie and Brian Eno becoming obsessed by Donna Summer (and Moroder)'s "I Feel Love", I didn't finish the book on Low because I was too busy sharing their obsession. This single features my version of "Donna Dummer Fears Love", which samples the windows 98 startup sound. "Go Fuck Yerself" features a sample of dial-up internet. The A side is a revealing of the vulnerabilties of intimacy and within that, trust--Donna Dummer fears love, but is still caught up over whether or not she needs it, causing contradictions. The B side is a sly sup-nod to the desperation that is fuelled by insecurity, interjected by sarcasm so intense it grazes the thigh of honesty. FEAR/USE

blue odeur's first single, featuring the original version of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. recorded on my computer microphone in a closet in a house of pain never live with someone after you break up with them SORRY/NOT