Laura Bardsley

Artist and Producer based in Tio'tia:ke/Montreal // laura@lbardsley[dot]com Education BA in English Concordia University 2012 University of Calgary 2008 - 2012 Achievements 2017-18 Awarded the Jeune Volontaire Bursary from the Quebec Government for professional development of puncti. 2018 Awarded a Showcase Grant from Factor for Blue Odeur's performance at Sled Island 2018. 2017 Awarded a Showcase Grant from Factor for Blue Odeur's performance at Sled Island 2017. puncti Published Work Ongoing Releases an album per month under the label Puncti Enterprises: Snark, Too, Three, For, Flive, Punctun, SAVAN, oo, 999, 0/1, Eleben, Twelfe, Equivalent To The Sum Of Six And Seven; One More Than Twelve, Or Seven Less Than Twenty, Quartz Hour Shining Sphere, Quainze, Sweet Sweet Sixteen, Blood On The Diving Board,, Take A Chance, You're Capable, Experimental Snacks, Double, Chrismas, Facsimile Simulation, The Word Of The Day Is Petrichor, 25 And Stil Alive, Overoccupied Apoidea, May The Truck Be With You, and Oh, To Be 28. Available on all major streaming services, and at Notable Performances 2018 Mutek Montreal - Play 2, at Monument Nationale, with Cora Novoa, Chagall, dj. flugvel og geimskip, and Myriam Bleau. Autobiographies, a multi-arts spectacle at La Plante Ballroom, in Montreal, QC. With JOYFULTALK, Raf Wilcot at L'Escogriffe, In Montreal. 2017 With Joey Agresta, Matt Robidoux, Regis Victor at Drone's Club, in Montreal, QC. Blue Odeur Published Work 2018 Hyacinth, LP released by Terrific Kids.* Blue Odeur Live! At La Plante Ballroom, self-released. * 2017 Bleu Ray, LP released by Decent Club. * Pale Shelter, self-recorded and produced EP released by Decent Club. * 2016 Contraband Jam, self-recorded, produced and released. * 2015 A Gain/A Void, EP self-recorded, produced and released. Tunnel Vision On Vacation, EP self-recorded, produced and released. Fear/Use, EP self-recorded, produced and released. Sorry/Not, EP self-recorded, produced and released. *Available on all streaming services. All releases available at Performances 2018 With Guerilla Toss and Victime at L'Escogriffe, in Montreal. Sled Island International Music Festival, with Cartel Madras, Fountain, Chiffres, and others, at Commonwealth and The Palomino, Calgary, AB. With Dragon Lake at Lucky's Comics, Vancouver, BC. With Pleasures and Dragon Lake at The Monkey Pub, Seattle, WA. Parc-Ex Contra La Gentrification Fundraiser For Hutchison Plaza Tenants, with softcoresoft, Ginger Breaker, Anabasine, DJ Name, Unvvel, and others, at La Sala Rossa, in Montreal, QC. 2017 With Cindy Lee, Johnny De Courcy, and Whimm at La Plante, in Montreal, QC. Pop Montreal International Music Festival, with Carla Sagan at Casa Del Popolo, in Montreal, QC. With Yao Guai Cave and Claustra at Casa Del Popolo, in Montreal. With Crack Cloud and Supercroup at Vangelis Tavern, Saskatoon, SK. With Strange Attractor and Kommissars, at The Townehouse Tavern, Sudbury, ON. With Nutrients, Plazas, Loji, Tiptoes, and KyViTa at The Smiling Buddha, Toronto, ON. Sled Island International Music Festival, with Un Blonde and Laps, at 510 Parking Lot in Calgary, AB. With Laser Background, and Norwegian Arms at Bar Le Ritz, in Montreal, QC. 2016 No DAPL Fundraiser, with Homeshake and others at Sala Rossa in Montreal. With Hoan, Jo Passed, and Quaker Parents, at Poisson Noir in Montreal. With New Fries, and DJ Smoke Weed Guy at Blake House in Ottawa, ON. With Vulva Culture, Kurt Inder, Caro Diaro at Club Drone in Montreal. With Fountain, Homebody, and Laps, at Poisson Noir in Montreal, QC. Pop Montreal International Music Festival, with Dorothea Paas, Hand Cream, Not You, and Quaker Parents, at Brasserie Beaubien. Writing Published Work Self Published Ongoing 2017 You Just Have To Be Willing (chapbook) 2017 This Pity Was Built On Rock And Roll* 2016 Consider The Spider* Metatron Magazine 2016 Interview with Andrew Jamieson "Can't Hardly Stand It"* 2015 "For Ceseara Tinajero" "Having an Average Weekend"* Go Home Magazine 2013 "Operator" (Issue #2) "Breaktime" (Issue #3) 2012 NoD Magazine, Issue #15 *Fiction Performances 2015 Metatron Fall Launch, at 820plaza in Montreal, QC. 2014 Night of Right Stuff Productions Presents at Cafe Koi, in Calgary, AB. 2011 Fragments: a Multi-Arts Gala at The Plaza Theatre, in Calgary, AB. 2010 Fragments: a Multi-Arts Gala at The Plaza Theatre. Creative Writing Concentration Showcase at the Calgary Public Library. NoD Magazine, Issue #10 Book Launch at Pages Bookstore in Calgary. Other Notable Achievements 2013 - 2017 Poisson Noir Board of Directors Member of cooperative and board of directors for venue/rehearsal space. 2008 - 2012 The Gauntlet: 2008 - 2009 Acting TLF Editor 2008-2009, Contributor: over 50 articles published in various subjects, coverage of Sled Island 2010-2012, interview and editing experience. Articles: available here.