i/ Phil's life was dull, and Mary's was sad. Together, they formed a happy household wrought with domesticity and mutual respect. A long time ago, Mary had cheated on Phil with their chess coach. Phil, unaware to Mary, had uncovered this secret months after, and forgave Mary without a second thought. Later that day, he was mowed down by a semi. ii/ Ivanhoe takes care not to bump into anyone in the crowded isles of the grocery store. He lets the old portuguese woman ahead of him in line, and spots the person behind him .35$ Outside, he stops to pet the yorkshire terrier barking for wont of attention, and makes sure to scratch beneath the leather collar, caressing with love the dewy and distressed dogs' nape. Ivanhoe resolves to start volunteering at the local shelter--he is so fufilled by giving animals love and attention. Later that day, after taking his wheelchair-ridden brother suffering from advanced celebral palsy out for their daily walk, Ivanhoe turns down a well-lit alley and is beaten to death with the heel of his shoe and robbed.