i drive a plastic car with a metal hood it waits for me in the mornings black eyes wink dark seat rain he knows i'll come again

singultus, a single relentless tusk obstructing composure, a dull blade gently throbbing an impalpable hand gloved in steel wool catching your breath kneading time plotting a coup on the coattails of sobs a new victim, another cure an unintentional stutter sputtering a clever lure

instances within anomalies neither too temporary or holding out; long drive yesterday originally unusual, like ink kinked everywhere, tissue-heavy earnest art - it reedits, digests, offers every some.

wipe surface, leave trace, repleat hours spent searching for sweet-smelling bench to rest like a dirtdevil toying with urban tumbleweed ; we speak now through graphic tshirts get picked up in the bike lane while excitement slips through our fingers while exposed bone flashes mild acquaintance and gurgling, gurgling, we mimick a button fly re-run garbled easy-speak, consonant and sly

mistook the streetlight for a half-moon, now all the yellows are friendly to watch soluble chlorine is nighttime refraction is equatable to the new tag "so cruel" you enter another woman exits your room i enter it's more than the obvious i who falls asleep yolking upright and looks up at you there-not-there

just another night squinting at your phone guy who asks questions he already knows the answers to upon hearing where you're from mentions the most famous band from where you're from - a jogging jono enters the room. conversation topic swapped for vaguely related ancedote--is excitement tangible enough to hold? in the room, smiling spennys come and go cautiously weighing disguised and de facto --they call me the lightbulb caper; subtle stealth in my grey hoodie: is the mushroom trip my life or is my life the mushroom trip? whatever, i'll break this LED number and get back to my capering... --furry pants paid me 2$ for a 3$ drink --you'd look good with an eyepatch and the girl with the iphone 5 charger tattoo chugs her last beer.

--'ve got chapped lips like knives marching their reflection enamoured in enamel overcoming obstacles like fortified bee stings slippery like vaseline along with holes in my stalkings continuity issues gaining clarity through nail polish i'--

like the rogue hair against luminescent post-pubscent grain i didn't choose to embody an image of resistance or conformity --i laid down and when i came back up, things just seemed easier

the house fires here fight their own flares against condensed liquids shimmering in the air clinging as they fall to grimy beginnings taking hold of eyelashes, moustaches, any collection of little hairs who lie waiting for invasion during blurry long exposures captives held quick, hovering close to concrete sand boxes collecting ash like dust their contours blister when exposed to light and sucking with fish lips i exhale milk in wisps and remember your fingernails how they sparkle like march snow i will hold them again and bask in the warm glow that is your flesh

--you smile like an acquaintance --what, insincerely? --yeah, all tight in the lips; does your sincerity emanate from your front teeth? a lipless smile i could trust, but this? suckling teeth while you examine your loafers? this is just shit