punctï ("pronounced punk-tie") is a monthly collaborative experimental project where I invite artists to produce an album with me. I consider each album an etude into sound manipulation, as well as into interpersonal and intimate interaction. Composition, recording, and overdubbing are done in a single session. Post-production is done in another session, roughly the same length of time as the first. The album covers feature childhood photos of the collaborating artists; this project is all about reclaiming that childhood joy and wonder, without all the learned insecurity. When performing punctï, I channel a disenchanted office worker in an absurdist satire whose movements trigger (and are choreographed to) samples, stems, and full tracks from her discography. For booking and other inquiries: punctimusic at

Hello Dear Listeners! This month's collaborator is the EXTREMELY talented Nick Dourado. He's done everything you wish you have, and Nick's only getting started - seriously. When I first met him, (after somehow we both went to BCHS AND UofC around the same time but never hung out cause wtf past me hah) Nick ignited a spark that flounders inside of me, and at that time was at risk of going out. Nick Dourado is the most powerful, intelligent, kind, hillarious, and delightfully complex person you'll ever have the honor of meeting. a note from the polymath superhero: ehhhh sup im nick dont u kno maybe u seen me before maybe u thought u saw me literally idk nothing about u so maybe just keep it all to urself wait how did u get here to this punctii album ask urself maybe u saw me break w the egg of the century or maybe with B.Glenn or as five yokel slide country thems maybe with halifax hip hop d'angelo or maybe smashing on drums w mr special or like in the eddy damn i cant even remember what else lots more did some honking maybe u kno that no honkin on this here mix tho just two weird beauties with perfect features who went to highschool together (S/O pat doyle) now like some 15 years later doing something else but this time vibration i hope u stfu and turn it up and let it ruin all the glass in ur house but laura mastered it so maybe the glass is safe this time idk if u want to check turn it the fuck up sux it peace im gay thanks nick! ALSO BUDI AMAZING TUNES credits released June 30, 2020 nick - did piano and then mostly ipad dj lol but it's true did you know that i love you?

These days we're all outraged. Finally, more and more people are getting the memo: IF YOU'RE NOT ANGRY YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!! Since I do not want to put my own voice out into the internet void this month, since I'm a white cis pan/queer femme settler born, raised and continually surviving off the work of BIPOC, esp Black folx and Black Trans folx. Trevor Noah has better shit to say right now, so please listen to him. i do not own this. Trevor's reasoning and measured insight into the BLM protests and what spurred them into action is necessary, in my opinion, for anyone to listen to and learn from. VIDEO HERE released May 31, 2020 Trevor Noah, The Daily Show, Comedy Central UK

Welcome, dear listener, to a pocket guide to puncti. An album every month is a LOT of content, so to make it easier for you I've selected the best tracks from the last 21 albums. Enjoy the journey, laugh with us like old friends, and get angry with Aoife when the time comes. Each track features it's specific album art, so you can get more after this taste. Love you, bye now! released April 30, 2020

It's Coronaville for everyone and life is super weird! released March 31, 2020

36 starts with "I Fear Nothing At All", dejected fear padded by pads. The album then pans through your skull with "Across The Spectrum", confusing you like a potential diamond--is it beautiful? Is it worthless? Does it matter? "A Play In Three Acts" guides the listener to an anxious dance party whose melancholy hangs in the air with the strings. A shattered synth breaks through, but turns in confusion as the final spin kick is delivered. "I Thought It Was Anger, But In Retrospect The Heartbeat Was Irregular" is an experiment into shifting BPM-- it alternates between 120 and 128 bpm throughout the entire track. A persistent ticking is represented by the arpeggiated pop synth -- things are going well, so why aren't you on edge? O, to be calm! puncti started partly due to a weird date where I bought someone flowers on valentine's day but their goal was friendship. This year, coincidentally 3 years exactly after starting this project, I did the same thing, and again was misguided. It's interesting how you repeat patterns in your life. I will never stop giving flowers to my crushes on valentine's day, and I hope you don't, either. Just remember to buy yourself some flowers while you're at it ;) released February 29, 2020

Jordan Minkoff is probably the funniest person I've ever met. He has this way of invoking excitement that makes you nostalgic for recesses spent role-playing, ice cream in backyards, and most importantly, the confidence to try and fail and laugh and continue on laughing. For this album we give life to fictional sponsors, get deep in two motivational meditations, and finish it off with a foray into a made-for-advertising happy-you-do-you-pump-it-up dance track. Dear listener, call Barnett & May for your ligitation needs, then drive your Subaru down to 8th street and meet us at Bobo's for a shake and original cheese sandwich. released January 28, 2020 featuring the sincere hilarity and joy of Jordan Minkoff

For Beetle Talk, Kyle Crough and I got attached to two samples early on: the first, "Beetle Talk", and the second, "Surprised Bee". You'll hear them throughout the album. Don't worry, you won't miss them. Kyle Crough is an incredibly talented individual; every time I mention a new thing I learned to him, he's already been doing it for ages. In short, he's a pro. Plus, he's HILARIOUS! So we did most of this straight up on my laptop, through laptop speakers. The synths, the samples, all from my Ableton library. We did a second session, which is not usual to this project, but it was worth it - Kyle laid down some tasty bass tracks in record time! Like in 4 minutes, folks! Plus, we got to lay down vocals and some serious theremin takes (new toy, sup ;] ). Enjoy, dear listeners, and don't forget to brush your teeth! Here is Beetle Talk! Featuring the undeniable prowess and creative fun of Kyle Crough Sunglaciers released December 31, 2019 Thank you to Kyle, Nyssa, and Saka

There's a certain spark, that shared between souls that transcends the mortal/finite understanding of time and space. Yonnika is an old soul, coming back again and again to ignite joy and wonder. They pull back the shroud of the banal to reveal a life full of opportunity and promise. And their voice just kills me, it's so beautiful! During our 3 hour session, we discussed many things: the fear of caring, and how it can mask ourselves to ourselves; who gets recognized; originality is dead (age-old hot topic); repetitive coercive truth, similar I gather to confirmation bias; our ability to decide what is true; and the Bayesian brain, a hypothesis which argues that there is a deep hidden structure behind our behavior, the roots of which reach far back into the very nature of life. Join us, dear listener, and dip your toe into the endless ocean that resides in Yonnika's brain. Featuring the infinite being that is Yonnika Vernon. Released November 25, 2019

This month has been busy and transient, like a good October should be. Life is a consistent rollercoaster that challenges us to be better or get left behind by our dreams. Join me in finding balance: eat a stuffed crust pizza and work out. Drink copious amounts of coffee AND water. Remember to tell your friends you love them, and don't you dare forget to look yourself in the eyes everyday and say it to yourself. Tease it out, baby. Released October 31, 2019